Our Mission

To be the preferred supplier of sustainably sourced biomass for power producers and industrial customers.

What we do

With our agricultural and energy partners, we are growing local agricultural economies, investing money in farming communities, building sustainable energy supply chains and reducing harmful emissions.

Our efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • Biomass supply chains must be efficient, cost effective, robust, and mutually beneficial to all parties involved – Producer, Harvester, Processor, and Power Plant.
  • Biomass supply chains must effectively integrate local suppliers and demand centers to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.
  • Biomass supply chains must be implemented in a manner that is consistent with existing resource use patterns and support continued increases in agricultural productivity.
  • Agricultural residue utilization must be implemented in a manner that is compatible with existing business practices, including production of primary agricultural commodities and energy products.
  • Agricultural residue supply chains should be sufficiently flexible to both advance ongoing research and development efforts and incorporate emerging innovations that advance key technical and economic objectives.